I have worked with Gail for over ten years and have seen her interact with several people in different situations and consistently she is able to be fully present to whomever and whatever is in front of her. She can scale from strategic to operational and can interface with every level of leader in an organization. She can reliably help people gain clarity, see what is possible and take, if relevant, the right next steps. Gail is highly intelligent, grounded, warm, gracious and has a deep understanding of development and systems thinking. I have personally been coached by Gail and have called upon her talents at numerous points in my journey. I trust her implicitly and value her tremendously.

Theresa R.

I have worked with Gail on and off for 7 years. Each time I am ready to move forward in my life, career and not really clear on the path, working with Gail has always provided the clarity of choosing the right path and being successful. For example last year I wanted to increase my business by an outrageous 25%. I exceeded this level. What's most important is working in a way that nurtures your self not just the result. I recommend anyone willing to be truthful with themselves and committed to creating a difference in their work/life will find Gail to be a great vehicle to generate what you are up to.

Desiree G.

When working with Gail I discovered many things that I was unaware of, that were an impediment to my commitments and goals. She has a way of seeing what the true "issue" is and by making me aware of these, opened up possibilities which were not even on the horizon. You don't find people like Gail very often. Her spirit is large and her practical solutions are so effective. Have you ever met someone that by simply working with them you get beyond your self imposed limits? That is what my experience has been with Gail. I highly recommend working with her.

Polly W.