Filling up my heart and emptying my mind….

Last week while I was driving around and doing errands, a familiar Garth Brooks song came on the radio. A line of the song popped out and stuck with me as though it was an intentional, powerful message intending to illuminate something important to me. The line is “fillin’ up my mind and emptyin’ my heart” It describes what a lost love is doing to the brokenhearted (good country song, right?).

For me, it was a perfect description of a common state that kicks in when I am out of touch with spirit, out of touch with divine interconnectedness, and out of touch with the power of inspiration. The mind fills and the heart empties. I look for rationale, excuses, and theories.  I return to the story of what happened and what it meant over and over again. What is worse than my mind filling up is the emptiness that I feel in my heart towards myself and towards others.

I was reminded of a course that I did over a decade ago with the Dalai Lama. It was about Lojong, the training of the mind. The Dalai Lama talked about emptying the mind to make room for the training of the mind in compassion, love, nonviolence, etc. I thought about it then as filling the mind from the heart. He talked about recognizing the negative, judgmental, and defeating thoughts of the mind and how repetitive they are. I was struck by a comment he made that there are a finite number of those kinds of thoughts that repeat and fill the mind. It is possible to recognize those thoughts and let them go.

Realizing your life’s legacy is fueled by inspiration and heart. It isn’t about figuring out how to fix things and handle things. It is about the expression of your passion in real projects. It is about your inspired message and how you lead it with others. It is about your inner work and how you train your mind to attune with your full heart!

Back to the Garth song, does the phrase turned around resolve brokenheartedness and despair? Can I empty the mind and fill the heart? Yes, I can. And when I do, I have the power of inspiration available to me and I am called to express myself and lead my ideas and passions with others.

This phrase from this heart-wrenching country song can transform to an empowering practice for expanding the power of inspiration in your life. It can become a powerful practice for inspired leaders. It is a powerful practice for those of us who want to contribute to a better future and more peaceful, life-affirming world.

Some ideas for how to practice:

• Be present to your mind. Is it busy and full? If so, can you let go of those thoughts and let them drift off like clouds passing away?
• Be present to your heart. Is it easy to be appreciative, grateful, and compassionate or is it empty, despairing, and angry?  Take an inventory of what you appreciate, what inspires you, and what you love.
• Is there someone or something in your life that often or always leaves you “fillin’ up your mind and emptyin’ your heart”? What can you change about that relationship? Can you let it go and move on?

I hope that being aware of the state of your mind, the state of your heart, and the attunment of the two  provides you with valuable guidance. I hope that it lifts the level of inspiration in your life. I hope that it frees you lead and to contribute.

I welcome you to  write to me or schedule a call to find out more about how I can help you to realize your life’s legacy through inspired leadership.



Gail E. Cantor, D.Min, is an experienced life and work coach who specializes in helping people to realize their life’s legacy and become inspired leaders in the workplace and beyond.


  • Bebe Gaines

    Reply Reply July 18, 2016

    Gail. It’s your early fan club writing. You look great. And it seems you are fulfilling your life’s work so well. I love your turn of the Garth Brooks phrase. Will keep it close for me as I untangle myself from a particularly difficult piece of work. Empty my mind, fill my heart. Sending my love to you, beautiful

  • Lee Follender

    Reply Reply July 18, 2016

    Hi Gail – Not sure if you will remember me – it was wonderful to see your face after so many years! Just wanted to say “Hi!” and send my regards.



  • Dianne Dunlap

    Reply Reply July 19, 2016

    Thank you Gail. This is lovely. I look forward to taking this practice on. I will share with you what I see. Bless you.

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