But I’m richer by far, With a satisfied mind……

There is a wonderful song that has been recorded by so many artists (Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash, Porter Waggoner, Willie Nelson, Ella Fitzgerald, and so many more). The title is “A Satisfied Mind”.

A selection from the lyrics written by Joe “Red” Hayes and Jack Rhodes:

 Once I was winning

In fortune and fame

Everything that I dreamed for

To get a start in life’s game

Then suddenly it happened

I lost every dime

But I’m richer by far

With a satisfied mind”

It has been a year since I gave up the fight to continue doing the work I had been doing for 23 years and left a partnership that no longer served me. The result of that year is that I have less stability in my work, less of an established community that works with me, and less of an infrastructure for my life and work. “But I’m richer by far, with a satisfied mind”

My mind is calm and receptive to new thoughts and ideas. My established relationships are altering and taking new form. The new people that I meet and connect with help me to see who I am in new ways and with greater depth. I am studying what interests me. I am seeking opportunities to serve and contribute. I am working with clients whose goals I am completely attuned with. I enjoy helping them with their sacred work. I am newly finding out the nature of the value that I bring to others and their endeavors. I am creating new ways to offer that value and charge for it. I am grounded in freedom and grace. I trust a success-filled, inspiring future.

The wealth of a satisfied mind is so rich.

Having a satisfied mind may not require making as great a change as I made last year. Yesterday, I spoke with a wonderful woman who is in a financial position to be able to leave her multi-decade career to pursue her calling to serve society and to explore her deep interests. I was inspired by this idea of benefiting from the fruits of one’s work to drop into a greater life and legacy.

The most important message in this song is the great worth of “a satisfied mind”. It is the all-important message of letting go of whatever you grasp onto that is no longer satisfying.   It is about telling the truth about what no longer serves us and is no longer worth pursuing. It is about having the courage to take risks and release ourselves from the obligation of having all of our commitments continue or be brought to fruition. It is about the willingness to fail at things that were once so important to win at or to declare the end of what we have been successful at but now lacks inspiration.

You may not be at the kind of turning point I was at that requires a change in your very foundation.  But if your current situation has in it beliefs and commitments and structures that leave you in constant or recurring turmoil, I urge you to muster up the courage to let go and to move forward in honesty.

Maybe you have “a satisfied mind” right now. Hats off to you! Thank you for the peace you are being in these turbulent times. If you don’t have a “satisfied mind”, I invite you to reflect and consider what holds the lack of satisfaction in place.   What is more important to you than living the life that leaves you at peace?   What support will provide you with the courage and confidence to make important changes? If something that you are involved in is falling apart, maybe you should let it go and find out what richness lies ahead.

I wish for you “a satisfied mind”.



Gail E. Cantor, D.Min, is an experienced life and work coach who specializes in helping people to realize their sacred work and become inspired leaders in the workplace and beyond.












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