Inspiration is, to me,  about being connected to spirit.  Spirit has always spoken to me and guided me.  I have felt called to do what I can to make the world a better place.  This led me to work for an organization offering personal transformation programs back in the 70’s and to co-found an organization that offered self development programs in the 90’s. 

Through the years, I have had many amazing opportunities to offer programs of transformation and development to individuals, companies, and organizations.   But I always felt one step removed from my real work, my inspired offer, and my Truth.  I was always striving to become more and more of my best self, as though I was not that already.

In 2007, I began my formal studies in spirituality. I became an Interfaith Minister, received a Master of Theology and a Doctor of Ministry degree. I studied Shamanism and other metaphysical practices. I strengthened my relationship with spirit and with the energy that sources life.   I stopped striving, woke up, and can lead from “I AM…” with confidence that what follows that saying is my best self.  Being "one step removed" was resolved.

Once things became in sync, I could see how to mix and balance this “spiritual” strength with my years of experience and training in:  

  • personal transformation
  • organizational transformation
  • leadership development
  • building communication competence
  • team and community building.

I realized that from that balance, I could help others to take their inspired ideas and do the work to make them real.  This balance gave me the courage to start my own company and offer my services as an “inspiration alchemist”.

You may have an inspired idea for:

  • a business you want to start
  • a cause that you want to build an organization for
  • a book you want to write
  • an improvement of the way you or your team works
  • a way that you will make the changes you hear calling in your life
  • and more

I want to help you to achieve what inspires you.  Together we will create the inspired message that you are called to express.  You will be able to articulate your aspirations in a way that can be heard and that calls others to join and act with you.  Like architects, we will outline a blueprint for your inspired work and life.  And we will determine what actions need to be taken and build your confidence to step out and act.  

I will help you to clarify your greatest inspiration and partner with you to express it through accomplishment. I am committed that each person that I work with is left standing firmly in their declaration of “I AM..”; confident that you are on the appropriate path.

I would like to partner with you to realize your vision.

If you would like to have a call to connect and explore what is possible, you can by clicking on this button: